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Maximize Your Success with Minimum Stress in 3 Steps!

As entrepreneurs, we constantly face overt or covert stress and anxiety that takes its toll on health and well-being over time. If you want to optimize your life and leadership for maximum success and happiness, Spiritual Advantage is for you.

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    “I lead three growing companies. Spiritual Advantage allows me to increase efficiency without added stress. At the same time, my relationship with family and employees have improved.”

    - Kevin Howell, Engineering Entrepreneur

    “Spiritual Advantage has helped me build a stronger body, mind, and spirit to fulfill my ambition without anxiety.”

    - Sandy Lee, Pharmaceutical Executive

    You Need 3 Advantages to Succeed

    Spiritual Advantage
  • According to Mencius, you need three advantages to succeed in life:

    1. Spiritual Advantage

    2. Local Advantage

    3. Social Advantage

    If you have one, you have a 33% chance of success. Two, 66%. All three, 99%. Let me explain from the bottom up.

    Social Advantage is about your connections. Success is not about “how” but “who.” Some are born with a Social Advantage because they have influential parents who are already well-connected, and they can ride on their daddy's coattail.

    But you don’t have to be born rich or well-connected to gain Social Advantage because all you need is to learn people skills. So you can get your first 33% chance of success easily.

    Local Advantage is about where you live—“Location, location, location!” If you live in the U.S, you are in the land of opportunity. Many people risk their lives to move here for the Local Advantage.

    So, if you live in, or can afford to move to, a good location, you gain another 33%, making a 66% total chance of success. Relocating is not as easy but attainable.

    Then, adding Spiritual Advantage give you a 99% chance of success. The good news is, having the Spiritual Advantage could overwrite other disadvantages you may have. The bad news is it takes time to cultivate.

    Spiritual Advantage means gaining Divine favor. A person with Divine favor is destined to succeed. Some people were disadvantaged growing up, but they succeeded beyond expectation because God seemed on their side.

    Of course, you would rather have God on your side than anything else. Maybe that’s why Mencius put the Spiritual Advantage at the top of the list.

    The odds are on your side if you can harness Spiritual Advantage. It can make you one of the luckiest people in the world. Yes, we must work hard, yet ignoring the Divine favor is unwise.

    Life is not just about how hard you can row your little boat. Imagine you are picked up by the Captain of an ocean liner to join his team, you have a completely different story. You will reach far and fast.

    Experts say it takes an average person 20-25 years to cultivate Spiritual Advantage. Most entrepreneurs cannot afford the time. They want to accomplish their mission before they leave the earth.

    However, I have great news for you. The Spiritual Advantage Method (SAM) can turn decades into days. Specifically, it takes only eight weeks to plant the tree of your own Spiritual Advantage, and you can enjoy the fruit for the rest of your life.

    Who It is for

  • Busy entrepreneurs who want a fast and effective way to realign their businesses with divine blessings to win big without losing their health, happiness, and relationships.

  • New entrepreneurs who want to ensure their ladder is leaning on the right wall before climbing too high to restart.

  • Executives who want to learn core influence to attract higher cooperation and productivity.

  • Leaders who want to harness divine favor to fulfill their worthwhile mission and leave a lasting legacy before late. It’s like knowing the secret chord that pleases the Lord to bless you with a fruitful vocation.

  • Creators who want a closer connection with the Head Office to produce divine works, or a magnum opus.

    What It Helps You Achieve

  • It will help you achieve the transformation to gain Spiritual Advantage in 8 weeks (only 2 hours a week):

  • Build a solid spiritual foundation that no wind can knock you down. Entrepreneurs are like tall trees standing against constant winds and frequent storms, but Spiritual Advantage will help them stand strong and thrive even more.

  • Learn essential spiritual disciplines that can instantly reset your state to influence and charisma to inspire productive cooperation and devotion. (This is not to be abused or misused. Therefore we screen our clients' integrity before the program.)

  • Develop a discerning mind to tune into the Head Office to make critical decisions. Learn to play the secret chord that pleases the Lord. (Most highly effective kings and leaders throughout history had this skill.)

  • Reap the fruit of this retreat for a lifetime of highly productive, efficient, harmonious, and stress-free living.

    How It Works

  • Spiritual Advantage Method (SAM) prepares you with everything you need to achieve a long-term fruitful transformation:

  • Keynotes: Weekly keynote video lessons that build on one another into eight steps to Spiritual Advantage. No worries! They are short and sweet. Like Bruce Lee, we focus on the shortest and fastest path to give you the results because we know leaders are busy, and your time is precious.

  • Inner Game: Spiritual Advantage Method (SAM) continuously transforms you from the inside out after each lesson and exercise. It’s like your body keeps building muscles for many days after weightlifting or a particular fitness program. That’s why the outcome is significant even though the lessons and exercises are short and succinct. It’s perfect for busy entrepreneurs and executives.

  • Spiritual Direction: Weekly spiritual direction meeting on Zoom where you can ask questions and get answers.

  • Support: 24/7 support via email, WhatsApp, or text message.

    How to Get Started

  • If you are an entrepreneur or executive who wants to maximize your success with minimum stress and you are interested in winning the Divine favor, schedule a free consultation and discovery call with us using the calendar below. If you have any questions about the program, we will also answer them during the call.

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    Rev. Dr. Samuel Stone

    The Lightkeeper

    Sam Stone is the founder of Spiritual Advantage. He helps entrepreneurs and executives cultivate fast spiritual fitness to maximize success and minimize stress providing highly effective leadership.

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  • I know entrepreneurs are busy and might have many competing priorities that postpone the call. However, we all have 24 hours a day, and I cannot offer late callers when the schedule is filled. By scheduling the call now, you prove yourself to be a doer rather than a talker. So, let’s set up the appointment now before late. 

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